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Introducing Altsound

VPinMame version >=2.7 introduced a new sound format for alternative sound packages: altsound.

Version 2.7 (June 08th, 2016) - "Alive and kicking"
- New option for the sound processing: Sound Mode, where:
  1 = builtin alternate sound file support
      (store the alternate sound files in a PinSound-like directory structure (incl. textfiles for ducking and gain),
       within a new PinMAME directory subfolder 'altsound' and there within the machines shortname subfolder,
       e.g. for ij_l7: 'C:\PinMAME\altsound\ij_l7\'
       or for an example alternate sound file for tz_94h: 'C:\PinMAME\altsound\tz_94h\jingle\000064-load_gumball_pt_1\load_gum__LEGACY.ogg')
Its just a simple csv table describing meta data and all the sound files in the same directory.
Find sound packages for your game below.

There are also alternative sites with altsound: and

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Altsound packages are named like rom names of their games. So just extract them in the altsound directory and you're good to go.